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Making it Easier to Live at Home

Many older adults develop increasing needs as they age. Maybe you aren’t getting around as easily as you used to, or you need additional assistance with daily living activities.

Often these needs can be met in the comfort of your own home. Skilled nursing and licensed therapies can make it easier to age in place, helping you maintain your independence.

Skilled nursing and licensed therapies could be the answer you’re looking for. Start the conversation today.

Considering Your Needs

Let us help you by getting to know you and your needs. We’ll assess a handful of daily living tasks to help determine where we can support you best. A registered nurse will complete your assessment.

We may ask you about:

  • Medical information, any diagnoses, history, medications, impairments, and devices you may have
  • Your independence or need for assistance in your home, and any special dietary needs you may have
  • Your level of abilities with activities of daily living, including dressing, grooming, and hygiene
  • Home security, including if you have an emergency response system and smoke detectors
  • Home mobility, including any difficulty ascending or descending stairs, if you have grab bars, and if you need home renovations or repairs
  • Assess your need for transportation, including whether or not you drive
  • Consider if your health challenges are affecting your socialization. Social and emotional relationships with family and friends, participation in hobbies, activities, religion, outings, or pets
  • Understand what support you have at home: who pays the bills, your power of attorney, if you have a living will, and identify risks for scams or identity theft

What Is Skilled Nursing & Licensed Therapy?

Skilled nursing and licensed therapies are great options for those who have an upcoming surgery, are recovering from a stay in the hospital, or need extra assistance with because of a change in health.

Our team is licensed and approved by Medicare to provide skilled nursing and licensed therapy services for aging adults when they need it most.

The type of skilled nursing or licensed therapy you or your loved one will receive is based on our assessment. You may only require one service or several.

Our services include:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • IV therapy
  • Wound care
  • Medical and social services

Our Health at Home services are accredited by The Joint Commission and certified by Medicare. We work closely with family physicians and surgeons to help assess your condition, any developing needs, necessary medical equipment, and medications.

You can expect the same nurse to visit your home and assist you as needed to monitor for small changes in your health.

Our highly skilled nursing and therapy team will come to you, so you can enjoy the comfort of your own home.

Counties we serve include:

  • Butler
  • Preble
  • Montgomery
  • Greene
  • Warren

Get the Assistance You Need

If you know you have surgery coming up or have discovered you require additional medical assistance, please get in touch with us or contact your physician for a referral. 

We contact and visit homes within 24 hours of a referral, whenever possible, and focus on helping you recover to avoid rehospitalization.


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