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Our team at Bethany Village has had the privilege of supporting many older adults. While we’re committed to making a meaningful impact in each family’s lives, they truly make a difference in ours as well. 

Explore our testimonials to see what our clients are saying about Bethany Village Home Health Care. 


“My wife had total right knee replacement at Kettering Hospital and was discharged the next day. Soon after arriving home, by prior arrangements, physical therapy was started by (Bethany) Home Health Care Physical Therapists Bev and Jill and later by Occupational Therapist Sarah.

I’d like to commend you and your staff on the high level of professionalism, competency and human skills that all of the staff exhibited while serving her. They were great! We would highly recommend them on any occasion.”

  • Ron D., Spouse Of Patient

“I want to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation to the rehab staff that helped care for my mom during her recovery from hip replacement surgery. She chose Bethany Home Health based on a positive recommendation from a friend. I thought that each caregiver did a wonderful job with my mom; the first few weeks were tough! The rehab staff was professional, patient, and kind.

I’m impressed with the rehab team from Bethany and would definitely recommend it for others in need of at home care. Thank you for putting together a wonderful team! Keep up the good work!”

  • Kristen C., Daughter

“Homecare Nurse (Sheila) is great! I thank God that I was blessed to have [your team] take care of me, it’s made my recovery so much easier. I highly recommend [Bethany Village Home Health Care] to family and friends for the professional yet friendly service – so much better than the others out there!”

  • Darryl A., Patient

“I had a bad fall last year. When I came home, I had a hard time moving, so having therapy in my home was a blessing … they got me back on my feet. They also gave me daily exercises, so I stay strong.”

  • Maria C., patient

“[Bethany Village Home Health Care] did a better job than I ever could. The physical therapist could encourage her, and my wife would respond to her better than she would have for me… because they’re the experts.”

  • Vic B., spouse of patient

“I did a Physical Therapy discharge for a client with many medical issues that needed a high level of care. [Our clinicians] Kathy, Jamie and Katie did a wonderful job with her and she has progressed well, meeting her goals. She would have likely been back in the hospital without our care.”

  • Sandy, Physical Therapist with Bethany Village Home Health Care

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